Bristle Fiber

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Coconut is the thickest and strongest natural fibres. The long, strong fibres are widely used in the brush and broom making industry.

Long, straight and rigid strands of fibres are known as bristle fibres or brush fibres. The basic quality of Bristle Fibre is known as 1Tie Fibre. This is then cut and classified into 2tie and 3tie based on the length of the strands and the general condition of the fibres.

Bristle fibres are mainly used for the brush / broom and tawashi industry, coconut yarn production, pot / growing media mixtures, the production of special filters.

Length of Fiber

  • Long – Over 15cm
  • Medium – Over 10cm and up to 15cm
  • Short – Over 5cm and up to 10cm
  • Bit – up to and including 5cm

1-Tie, 2 Tie and 3 Tie Bristle fiber as follows (as per buyer’s requirement),

  • Waxed or Oiled
  • Bleached / Un bleached or dyed in different colors
  • Un-cut or cut into various lengths

Coir Bales

Product Details

Sri Lanka is famous for the development of brown colored coir fiber and these in their crude structure are utilized. Since coir fiber is an eco-accommodating option in contrast to manufactured fiber, supplies every one of the grades in the bundle structure just as in twisted structure (curved fiber). We likewise make the exclusive scope of top notch modern fiber items to various.


  • Material: Coir Fiber
  • Type: Mattress Fiber
  • Colour: Natural
  • Weight: 100 – 125hg/ble
  • Compression Ratio: 5:1
  • Moisture: below 15%
  • Dust contain: Below 5%
  • Impurities: below 5%
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