Coco Peat Planter Bags

Product Details

The pot bags are intended for use in greenhouse and nurseries in hydroponic and horticulture. In particular, they can be used for different growing vegetables and vegetables and vinous flowers. Planter bags are ideal for plants, flowers and leaves in the home garden. 

Product Advantage

  • Has excessive air crammed porosity
  • Enhanced root penetration
  • Free from weed seed or pathogens
  • Non-risky disposals
  • Ready to develop expandable person bags.
  • Easy to deal with and reconstitute
  • Better manage on irrigation, Lay out as required
  • Ideal for each Home Gardening and Professional growing


  • Material: 100% natural coco peat or mixed with husk chips
  • Moisture: below 20%
  • EC: 500µs/cm (1:5 method)
  • pH: 5.5 – 6.5
  • Compress Ratio: 5:1

Bag type

  • 600 Gauge co-extruded white outer / black inner bags with 24 month UV stabilization.
  • Printed or non printed ( Printing with customer brand name possible)
  • Colored Bags for crop optimization possible.
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