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Made from natural coir fiber, coir logs also help promote vegetation restoration of wetland environments, and protect soil composition. They help prevent further erosion of river bank, shorelines, pond and lake slops, and can help restore a damage area. Encouraging rapid vegetation establishment, the coir fiber – held in place by coir netting – allows vegetation to grow on the coir log, as roots can penetrate through the coir and continue to develop. Coir logs are 100% natural and biodegradable to help maintain the natural soils and environment of your chosen area, and we ensure all of our products are ethically produced and sourced to give you highest quality, environmentally sustainable products.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides nutrients to surrounding areas
  • Retains and wicks moisture, creating the ideal conditions for seed germination
  • Allows for deep rooting of plants; holds seeds & saplings in place
  • Helps build into existing contours
  • Requires no chemical treatment Page 56 of 68
  • High air and water permeability
  • Environmentally friendly & safe for surrounding wildlife
  • Biodegrades over 2-5 years

Coir logs – Installation Instructions

Below you will find the typical installation steps for coconut coir logs. Installation requirements and method many vary depending on the specification of your location.

1 st step:

Clear the installation area of any debris, trees, rocks or large
obstructions. Coir logs are designed to come in contact with the soil, so any stumps or potential obstructions should be removed.

2nd step:

Dig a small trench in the location where the coir log needs to be

3 rd step:

Place the coir logs in the trench and black fill with soil so that the coir logs are tightly packed against the slope. Adjacent coir logs should be positioned so that the ends fit tightly against each other. Ends should be joined / secured together with coir twine or other suitable ties. Mattress coir fibre may be used to fill spacing between log ends

4th step:

Stake/anchor the coir logs into position. Coir logs should be
anchored according to site requirements or specifications. Typical anchoring
can be seen below


Material : 100% coir

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