Coir Pots

Product  Details

Coir pot is a biodegradable cultivation pot fabricated from plant (coconut) fibers. It is used for horticulture, in decorative plant, vine and tree nurseries, similarly to for the residence gardening market. It has quite excessive permeability to water, air and roots. Coir pots are utilized by the ones looking for quicker cultivation, an amazing root device and re-reputation quo with none marvel from transplanting.

How to use

  • Dig a hole in the ground that is wide enough and deep enough to place the coir pot.
  • Fill it with coco peat or your favorite potting mix
  • Give it plenty of water
  • Sow your seeds or your plants into the coir pots.
  • If you are growing seeds during colder weather conditions, use a coir products Mulch Mat to cover the pot for successful germination
  • Once planted into the ground, the pot will begin to degrade in around 4-6 weeks.
  • Fill the coir pots with coco peat or favorite potting mix
  • Give it plenty of water
  • Sow your seeds or your plants into the coir pot
  • Place the pot wherever you like, out of the ground, coir pots last a few season before beginning.

Product advantage

The coir pot is without problems bio degradable and transforms into organic matter in due path containers impermeable to roots all reason deformation to the roots.

The severity of this relies upon at the form of the pot and the improvement of the vegetation. The maximum not unusual place hassle is coiling of roots, roots accumulating in corners, roots developing upwards, beaten roots, etc. when vegetation are grown in a coir pot the roots fast penetrate the pot walls. Contact with the air stops the roots from developing, root buds begin to seem and secondary roots begin to increase in the course of the pot. This phenomenon is thought as “aerial root pruning”

The quantity of the pot is used 100% through a dense community of root hairs of the plant. In packing containers with impermeable walls, some very lengthy roots use all of the vicinity across the pot.

When a plant grown in a coir pot is planted or repotted, without getting rid of the pot, the dormant root buds set throughout aerial containment are at once activated. There isn’t any surprise from transplanting, this distinction id mainly marked whilst floor situations are difficult (cold, drought, destructive season, etc.)

There isn’t any deformity with inside the root system, the plant establishes without problems and settles into the soil better. This is mainly vital for perennials.

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