Coir Weed Mats

Product details

Coir weed mats are natural mats designed to eliminate harmful weeds which affect the growth of the plants. Coco coir weed mats are made of organic coco coir fiber woven into sheets and bonded using rubber plant latex. These coco coir mats lay as top covers pot. Coco coir weed mats are easy to dispose or recycle. Its 100% Biodegradable, It does not obstruct irrigation and rainfall, it does not prevent soil ventilation, Coco coir weed mats are brown in color and joins with the environment, can assume other color by use of colored oxides, Coco coir weed mats are made using only natural coco fibers, it does not contains chemical and do not pollute the environment.

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Ethically produced and sourced
  • Helps protect essential elements of the soil
  • Does not affect the natural environmental cycle
  • Retains water and facilitates air porosity
  • Can be used in any pot in gardens, nurseries, allotments and greenhouses


Excellent weed control, Eco friendly, Bio- degradable, air pours, and water retention used to place it over the plant which prevents the drying of the mud, but allows to air to reach the mud perennial slope landscaping help retain soil moisture.

Special requirements

Any customer required sizes can be executed parameters needed: Diameter, Thickness

Packing : Carton Box packing

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