Hope Twine (Yarn)

Hope Twine (Yarn)

Coir Bristle fibre extracted from the coconut husk is mechanically spun into a 2-ply coir twine with a help of a cotton thread which runs inside of each ply. We supply hop twine into three major hop fields Ie, in USA, UK and in Australia.


  • For USA : Breaking Strength 75lbs, 85lbs, 100 lbs, Cut length 19’ to 21’
  • For Australia : Breaking strength 85lbs, 120 lbs, Cut length 5.8m to 6.4m
  • For UK : Breaking strength 20kgs, in 180 – 150 m/kg, in bales of 2.5kg of 4.0 kg

The yield of hop is higher than its competitive products such as steel wire, paper twine. The labor requirement is less as the hop wine grows itself up in the hop twine due to its hairiness, than its competitive products whereas regular guidance is needed. Once the hop is harvested the rest of the hope wine with coir twine is converted into compost solving two problems of the farmer. For USA and Australia: 2,400 strings of 100lb twine of 21’ cut length can be compressed into one bale. 150 such bales can be loaded into one 40HC container. For UK: In balls, 16MT in a 40HC container.

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