Farming and Gardening Products

Environmental concerns and biodegradability have driven the demand for coconut products, which are commercial – grade processed coconut husk that are used to make a wide range of products, including custom products for agriculture and growing under glass

  • Coco Peat Grow Bags
  • Coco peat Planter Bags
  • Coco Peat Blocks
  • Poly Bags
  • Coir pots
  • Coconut Husk Chips
  • Grow Discs
  • Coir weeds Mat
  • Coco poles

Industrial Coir Rope


Coir rope manufactured from retted coconut husks through a process called defibering. The coir fiber thus extracted is then combed using steel combs to make the fibre clean and to remove short Fibre clean and remove short fibre is used as bristle in brushes for domestic and industrial applications.

  • Garden Twine
  • Hope Twine (Yarn)
  • Construction in Building Yarn / Twine Pakistan
  • Carpet Twine

Coir Mats

While you may never have hear of the term coconut rug, you have likely seen it in homes coconut rug, you have likely seen it in homes Coconut rugs are often used for driveways and porches. With short, stiff bristle, coconut oil, will help dry shoes and remove dirt before you step on the premises.

Industrial Erosion Control Products

Coir fibre is classified as one of the unconventional Fibre in textiles. It is a versatile lignocelluloses Fibre obtained from the coconut tree. Coir fibre is extracted from the husk of coconut after the removal of the nut. Coir Yarn is made by traditional manual spinning and also by mechanized spinning processes.

Bristle Fibre & Fibre Bales

Coconut fiber ( coir fibre) , obtained from unripe coconut, is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. The coconut is steeped in hot water, subsequently the fibre are removed from the shell by combing and crushing , the same process as jute fibre.

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables will be harvested by Sri Lankans. Organic certified products as well as non-organic fruits and vegetables are available for purchase from us.

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